WE Are Survivors

by Crystal J

Did you know that somewhere in the world, a woman is diagnosed every 19 seconds with breast cancer? Frightening isn’t it?! It is associated with obesity (LORD HELP ME!!), high-fat diet, sedentary life style, alcohol consumption, and can be increased if you have a genetic mutation (BRCA, which by the way, is more common in Black women and can be detected with a blood test-speak to your provider). There are clearly environmental contributors to the above-stated risks although these are hard to estimate. Meet several women who battled or is battling this disease and are determined to remain survivors.



Carrie Jordan

In 2016, Carrie was diagnosed with triple negative ductal carcinoma which is an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was given several rounds of chemo that really took a toll on her body, mind and soul followed by a double mastectomy and now back to chemo. Ye’s it’s been a journey, but she’s determined to keep fighting and for that mom, WE love and WE honor you!









Trina Stinson

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she’s definitely a survivor and WE honor her!













Michele Hammond

In 2012, Michele was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. As there’s currently no cure for her stage of disease, she remains optimistic and continues to liver her life. And for this, WE love and WE honor you!









Stacy Black

Stacy was diagnosed nine years ago with breast cancer. Now that she’s cancer FREE, she’s all smiles and going strong!










Maiya Hayes

At the age of 30, Maiya Hayes was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer after doing her own self breast exam. She’s been doing self-exams for years as she had a benign breast tumor in the same breast when she was a teenager. Age is truly nothing, but a number.  Now that Maiya is cancer free, she’s definitely putting in the world by getting down in her Zumba classes!










Thank you ladies for sharing your stories as you all are warriors and survivors!


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